The University of Nebraska Lincoln Water Ski Club

Welcome to the greatest spectacle in all of college athletics. Our organization has an incredible track record of positively impacting members lives. Join us today. No experience necessary.


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WHAT WE DO: 3-Event Water Skiing


Skiers swerve down the course through six buoys, 3 on either side, getting around as many as they can consecutively, incrementally increasing the speed and shortening the rope to increase their score.


Skiers have 20 seconds to complete as many tricks as they can on a pair of trickers or a single tricker. Collegiate skiers are allowed to compete on a kneeboard or wakeboard for partial points.


Skiers have 2 or 3 attempts to fly as far as they can over a 5 foot ramp on long wide skis wearing a padded suit and full helmet. New jumpers fly 30-40 feet. Pro jumpers fly hundreds of feet.


The club also trains together and teaches coaching strategies, boat driving, and other water sport disciplines members are interested in learning. We also attend off-season social events and travel for training opportunities, like our annual trip to the world class Bennett's Ski School near Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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